Next Steps

Fast start actions

The Speed To Scale Region programme sets out to transform the West Midlands business and industry sectors. There is an urgency, pace and scale that is required to intervene immediately in order to maximise the impact of the intervention. The Speed To Scale Region programme has developed a series of fast start activities which will have immediate impact.

  • Fast Start Productivity Booster programme building upon the WMG and MTC SME Catapult support programmes. Targeting employment of those displaced from Automotive and Aerospace to deliver rapid transformations for business on the edge
  • Skills programme launch
  • Detailed economic evaluation of markets and sectors
  • Creation of investment fund
  • Creation and sponsorship of new start-ups e.g. E-Bikes, E-Scooters, Heat Pumps, Med-tech
  • Creation of product development support spaces –e.g. prototyping
  • Creation of test equipment and large living labs for product validation and consumer behaviour and engagement validation
  • Launch of fast facility builds using Construction Innovation Hub product platforms
  • Launch of the Manufacturing Capacity intelligent database connecting the regions SMEs.